The conditions are right for organizations to go all in with Serverless Computing with the latest release of Google Cloud Functions and abstraction tools like Istio and Knative. Developers can rejoice because now they can focus on what they enjoy most - building applications - and not getting burdened with concerns like infrastructure, deployment, budgeting and logistics.


Enjoy the benefits

Icon - Server Zero server management
Deploy your code and Google will handle the running and scaling of the application
Icon - Scalable Automatic scaling
Don't worry about the number of users and infrastructure, which is automatically managed
Icon - Connected  Connected and extended services
All Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Firebase, Google Assistant, and 3rd-party cloud services are treated as building blocks that you can connect and extend
Icon - Initiation Initiating code in response to events
Initiate your code from Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and Google Assistant, or call it directly from any web, mobile, or backend application via HTTP
Icon - Open Code  Being open and familiar
No new languages, tools or frameworks to learn. Cloud Functions are written in JavaScript (Node.js) and Python
Icon - Payment  Paying for only when your code runs
Cloud Functions are transitory, which spin up and down based on demand and events. You only pay while your application is running

Get the right advice

Going all in on serverless computing requires adjustments to dependent services, budgeting and developer roles. For example - as your serverless workload scales with demand, will dependent downstream workflows or legacy services be able to keep up?

We at SADA Systems can help and guide you on your path to serverless computing. As a global leader in cloud computing and a long-standing Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have the experience and expertise to give you the best advice and develop a robust roadmap for you.