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Envision What's Next With the Power of Google Cloud & Expertise of SADA 

  • Get $500 in free GCP credits through SADA and Google for qualified organizations*
  • One of 10 original Google Cloud Launch Partners
  • Named 2016 Google Cloud Platform Americas Partner of the Year  
  • Dedicated certified cloud engineering, deployment and change management teams
  • Over 25 million users and 10,000 workloads migrated to the cloud

Envision what’s next for your organization with the power of Google Cloud and the expertise of SADA Systems. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA Systems specializes in consulting, deployment and implementation, and custom development built on the world’s leading cloud platform provider. Accelerate your cloud adoption with expert advice and technical guidance for Google Cloud Platform.

Free Consultation and TCO Analysis with an Expert

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SADA Systems is an award winning full-service business and technology consultancy, and a Google Cloud Premier Partner focused on ensuring that you stay at the leading edge of innovation and security. We provide comprehensive solutions to match your organization's unique needs including managing your big data, driving insights, enhancing collaboration, while ensuring security and compliance. 

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By partnering with SADA Systems, we can ensure that your GCP implementation is customized specifically for your organization's unique needs. We will make it easy, handle all of the heavy lifting, and ensure that you have access to premium support whenever you need it.  

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SADA Helps Smyte Optimize GCP to Combat Spam, Fraud, Online Harassment, and Compromised Accounts

“We knew that we were going to grow quickly and we knew we could never be a big fish in a big pond like Google. GCP is the best place to host Kubernetes. We also liked that Google’s APIs are really clean and easy to use. And Google’s BigQuery is a great analytics product, because it’s really cost-effective and fast. We anticipated getting excellent technical advice from SADA, but we didn’t anticipate the business development help, and that’s been tremendous.”

Pete Hunt, Co-Founder, Smyte

SADA Helps CEDEXIS Get Better Insights with BigQuery


“We’ve been working with BigQuery recently to replace our exist data and analytics infrastructure. SADA has been able to help us get the information we need or answer the questions we’ve had about Google Cloud Platform. It’s great to have a partner like SADA we can call at any time.”

Jonathan Chase, Principal Engineer, CEDEXIS

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SADA Helps MadHive Deliver Blockchain Ad Tech with Privacy by Design 


“The solution SADA suggested has been working amazingly well . . . we process and analyze terabytes of data in real time. When our traffic suddenly spikes 10 times, we can boot new instances — and use them to handle requests — in under 200ms. It’s the first platform that’s truly elastic under intense loads.”


Denis Kezerashvili, SVP of Engineering, MadHive

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Our North America-based support will help you troubleshoot the most challenging issues.  

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We have offices nationwide to ensure we can properly support our customers. 

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Our business is to help you succeed. It's that simple. Our solutions and services will help drive efficiency and growth.

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Technology should work together seamlessly.   We ensure you have a complete platform for tackling your toughest challenges. 

End-to-End Engagement

From signup to implementation, our team is here to assist every step of the way. 

Easy for Everyone

Whether you're a developer, CIO or CEO, we have the tools and software to make your job easier. 



We're a services company, which means we'll go above and beyond to ensure that our clients have their vision of success fulfilled. 

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