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Paperless is the future of healthcare.

DocuSign's eSignature solutions modernize healthcare organizations by eliminating paper and antiquated signature processes, while meeting compliance requirements and reducing costs and errors.


Watch below to see first hand how DocuSign improves customer experience, maximizes ROI, and ensures compliance as as the global standard for eSignature and Digital Transaction Management. 


 Benefits of DocuSign for your healthcare organization.

  • Fast and Efficient - Staff could immediately check in both existing and new patients with accurate information, immediately after a consultation or procedure, patient follow up actions can commence, insurance claims can be filed, and billing initiated.   
  • Compliant and Safe - Multiple levels of verification and encryption protect Personal Health Information (PHI) for complete privacy and HIPAA compliance for medical offices and their patients. KOL event data, sampling, and clinical trail information is verified upon entry, so when trials are complete, there won't be any surprises with lost documents, empty fields, or missing signatures. 

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SADA Systems, a DocuSign Partner, provides business and technology consultancy and related services that transforms organizations through innovative cloud-based solutions. 

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