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SADA Systems is an award-winning Microsoft National Solutions Provider offering cloud consultation, migration, managed services and customized solutions  to organizations nationwide. 


The healthcare security landscape is rapidly evolving. Do you have the proper tools in place to keep your data secure and stay ahead of threat intelligence? Sign up for a 20-minute complimentary assessment today. Healthcare technology experts will work with you to: 

  1. Review Organizational Objectives 
  2. Access Risk Factors 
  3. Indentify Current Vulnerabilities 
  4. Provide Recommendations for Optimizing your Security Plan

During this on-demand webinar addressing cybersecurity trends and ransomware prevention, security experts dive into healthcare IT and cloud solutions that will help you prevent data breaches. See how you can stay ahead of ransomware and other malware threats during a detailed demo of Microsoft's Advanced Threat Protection solutions. 

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